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The Maestro

Bryan-David Scott – culinary prowess meets the extraordinary. Rock star Chef, Patriot, believer, and luxury coffee specialist, Chef has left an indelible mark on the F&B landscape.


Maybe you've seen Chef on TV, online, or perhaps experienced the magic firsthand at one of the private dining events supporting the Primetime Emmys, Grammys, Oscars, and within the homes of entertainment's biggest stars, all under the banner of The Bryan-David Scott Experience.

“I love my life! We have the joy and privilege of sharing life’s most cherished moments with our guests. It's awesome!”

Bryan-David Scott


USA Flag


Chef has had the honor of serving distinguished men and women from the White House, Senate, Congress; Marines, Navy, Army, and Air Force. Reverently referred to as 'The Patriot Chef,' he proudly aligns himself with veteran and first responder charities, reflecting a commitment to supporting those who have served. Chef seamlessly integrates his passion for food and coffee with a sincere dedication to the communities he serves.


90th Oscars Tour


Bryan David Scott is the best Chef in the world. His presentation is first class and his food is unmatched. He prepared the most exquisite dinner for my wife’s birthday and created an experience that she’ll never forgot. I highly recommend Bryan David Scott. You will not regret it. Truly amazing!

— Tim Shockley, Jr., Powerlifter


World class dining experience. I've been fortunate to have dined all over the world. Never have I experience a blend of coffee, and spices together creating such a unique favor. Imagine having your taste buds explode right inside your mouth. My wife and I call this the “Bryan David Scott experience”. I first met Bryan at a friend's dinner party in Las Vegas. I was so impressed with Bryan’s cooking that I invited him to cook for our 35th wedding anniversary. My wife and I were so impressed by Bryan’s mannerisms and presentation of food. Since our anniversary, we been fortunate to have Bryan cook for us a few more times. Each time Bryan has cooked for us, it had been a different dining experience.

— Tim Wells, Investor


Live Fire, Charcoal &
Exotic Wood Specialist



I have dined around the world. Nobody touches my Chef, Bryan-David Scott. He consistently prepares the best tasting food, and does it in front of you. His coffees are the best in the world. I love Cup Of Luxury! Chef truly is an exceptional entertainer/Chef. He is The Maestro. 

Patrick Venzke, Indianapolis Colts, NFL

I have been with Chef at nearly every major red carpet event he has been invited to perform at. I have said verbatim what people everywhere say every single time:

THAT WAS THE GREATEST DINNER OF MY LIFE! I watch people's faces as they eat, watch Chef perform then sip his coffee. They are stunned.

David Barnes, Location Producer

Chef is Amazing.

Marc Sanson, Producer, YouTube

Not one celebrity Chef on the strip could come close to Chef.

His charisma, food, coffee, everything is absolutely perfect.

Julie M., Exterior Designer

Every Chef Uses a Knife. Bryan-David Scott's Steaks Are Carved With a Teaspoon.
Think About This.




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